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Ulster Carpets Celebrates 80 Years In Business

Ulster Carpets has been manufacturing carpet for 80 years in Portadown, Northern Ireland, and it is their commitment to growth and development that has allowed them to maintain manufacturing within the UK.

A family owned but professionally managed business, Ulster Carpets are committed to operating as a vertically self- sufficient company, maximising control over the entire manufacturing process, from the selection and purchase of the wool to the final checking of every piece of carpet prior to shipment.

It is this ‘from sheep to floor’ mentality, along with the determination to concentrate all operations within the UK and Ireland that sets Ulster Carpets apart from the competition.

Ulster Carpets’ emphasis on progression and their dedication to delivering top quality products will ensure they continue to strengthen their position as a premium carpet brand in the years to come.

Ulster’s state of the art Dyehouse and Energy Centre completed the first phase of their major £40 million regeneration and capital investment programme. The new facility has been designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

This regeneration and investment programme clearly demonstrates Ulster Carpets’ commitment to the local community, both in terms of minimising environmental impact from operations and supporting local jobs.


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