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Member Testimonials

Member Testimonials

Don’t take our word for how fantastic SMG is, here are what some of our members and suppliers think…

It’s a no brainer. Great promotions. Get carpets from most manufacturers direct. Excellence Rebates scheme.  Nice Friendly staff at SMG.

James Doyle

County Carpets

We find the SMG Group invaluable to our business. A major plus has been increased profits from member’s preferential rates and rebates, and suppliers’ benefits for things like card machines and employment advice. The range of services with SMG is so wide ranging and perfectly supports small businesses like ours. Of course they also have some of the most helpful, efficient and professional staff too! We wouldn’t be without SMG, worth every penny of our membership.

Helen Wilson

Charles Wilson Carpets

SMG offer our retail business the perfect support package required, from negotiating highly competitive supplier prices on our behalf, to providing a whole host of other services including discounted business insurance, energy rates, waste management, credit card terminal packages and so much more. Our decision to join SMG was a total ‘no brainer’, as their comprehensive support package not only assists with the smooth running of our business, but ultimately helps to deliver higher margins and greater all round profitability. The highly experienced team at SMG have a real understanding of what a true working partnership should be. We know...

Marc Helliwell

Culm Valley Carpets

Being a member of SMG has been invaluable to us over the years.  From the obvious financial advantages to the excellent Central Purchasing facility (Orderlink) and we don’t understand why all good flooring retailers are not desperate to join!

Darren Ironside

Carpet Barn

The main reason we joined SMG was for the business support – being a small business starting up having that support was invaluable. The credit card rates, energy solutions and phone rates have saved us much more than the modest annual membership fee and receiving the rebates is the icing on the cake!

Brett & Gemma Tilly

Thetford Carpet Warehouse

My father joined the Group in 1998 for the many benefits it gave him.  There are business support benefits like the credit card rates and cheaper insurance and then there are the product advantages – discounts and rebates.  I don’t want to have accounts all over the place – it’s just more admin – I want to deal with one contact and be able to access all the products I need.

Aaron Newell

Winnens 1929 Ltd.

I would definitely recommend joining SMG – it’s such a little cost for the amount you can save.  For us in particular Orderlink is a huge benefit, being able to access SMG Approved Suppliers and Manufacturers through this service is brilliant.

Roger Honeywill

Moyseys Interiors

For minimal cost, time & effort and most importantly no requirement for you to change our business there are huge benefits to be had in terms of prices, rebates and business support.

Paul Howles

Windsor Carpets

Why wouldn’t you join SMG?  For very little outlay and without being tied in with contracts you can access such a large range of products at very advantageous prices. You make your membership money back with the first few orders.  Your business will definitely grow with SMG Membership.

Mike Trew-Fay

J Q Carpets